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Happiness in Being

On this Journey of Being, I often come across the impulse to celebrate life and all that is. I find it is the only way to be able to keep coming back out again as a beautiful butterfly and spread my wings to fly. As time whizzes by I have to remind myself always to stop and take note of where I am at, what surrounds me and being present to what is living, moving, being all around me, This is the way to be in constant celebration of life.

Recently each morning and some times throughout the day, I dance. Movement of the body and feeling the energy around me. Just as the wind moves the leaves in the trees and the birds fly and traffic moves, so too does my body need to sway, twirl, flow to the rhythm of life. This is how I know I am alive and able to carry on.

There are times recently where sadness has come in vast quantities, the feeling of loss of loved ones though knowing they are still around me in the ethers existing somewhere beyond our concept of the physical. The sadness in love, showing me again the depths of my eternal love for life and all things. It brings me back to take stock again of what is and what exists, where and how. And to once again embrace the Joy in love and the love of love.

The deep love that exists in my soul and spirit which desires to be able to express it as easily and vastly as I feel the knowledge of the expanse of it that is within me. As I go through my journey I strive for perfect-ism, to be as close to the perfect as life shows us it can be, though at times I am simply imperfect that in itself is perfect as perfect is. At times an interesting concept to grasp and duality allows us to embrace both sides. Often times I am implored by the universe, my inner spiirt my higher self to go higher to become one with the perfect state, to be in the zone where all I say and do and am is at the level of perfect that I aspire to be.

There is a continual desire to be more of who I want to be, be the truest of true to myself and others and the world. With this outlook I am continually looking at what I can change, say, act, do, differently or more intensely or more in accordance with my true nature and the truth of life as it was created to be originally. My aim is to get to that perfect-ism. And as we all do that we all somehow gain deeper understanding of each other and bring an ability to each other to also be able to be that and achieve a state that innately exists in us all.

Love baby without hurt forever more, Love peace,bliss...


New Beginnings and Healing Process

Going through the process of grief I have really had to come back to myself and find out what it is to Be me. Meditate on my heart and find out what it is I truely want and how I truely feel and to be able to express it as my own language and let it be known what the truth is for me. I have been singing a song in my thoughts the whole way through and able to find my way quickly home back to myself again. The process made me realise how much I have to honour me and know my truth and my thoughts and really feel into them and allow them to be.

I have been also able to experience them for a short while and honour them and understand and interpret them very easily and quickly and effortlessly and return to state of my normality and balance very quickly. I have experienced days of complete and utter peace as well as deep sadness and high love and beauty and awe of the world in which we live. I feel and know Jackie still and feel her completely in the spiritual still, its just the physical and closeness i miss. i miss our hugs. i know she is free and happy though wish she were still here with me. I honour her passing too and embrace the new world without her.

New beginnings and changes in plans. I look forward to what it is that comes in a new form soon enough and how the passing of Jackie brings blessings to my journey that will be revealed all very quickly. it has been a rough process as well as a brilliant one full of beauty and now I am ready in the space of love to receive all the next wonderful things life has to bring. Farethee well my bright star. See you soon :) looking forward to it, the new generation and beautiful things to come. My little Rose :) Rise again :) Just as the moon surely rises. Bright new day and new loves. day in day out, nights through, we have beauty, all embracing, all surrounding and all supporting.

The Universe helps to heal me from my grief and sadness and in its place it plants the seeds of love. I have been sewing my seams of LOVE and the new generation of Being and garments emerge.


Jackie cats close call. The fight for Life and turnaround with Love.

Over the past week I have been in full take care mode of my cat Jackie. She quickly became very ill and stopped eating and drinking and being her cheerful happy self. I took her in to the vet knowing something was very wrong with her teeth and mouth. Infact she came out diagnosed with acute kidney/renal failure to my shock and disbelief. The dramatic rush from that point to keep her alive and back on track started. So a very intense few days it has been! I am happy to say at this point Jackie is doing really well and is eating again and drinking and has just been back to the vet for top up of antibiotics and other meds. I took her to Orewa on Saturday to get natural remedies and homeopathic drops and am continuing recuperative care for and with her. Oh my little Jackie girl. She really is a huge part of my life and the connection we share is like Mother -Daughter. Those who know me will also undoubtedly also know Jackie and know how much love we share. She is very special and very loved and has been a companion of mine for 8 years. 

I wanted to say a few thank yous to all those who have helped me and Jackie through this journey and also to make recommendations for the places I took Jackie to for help getting her well. If you take any of your pets to these places please just mention the recommendation from me. They have each played an integral part in helping the situation and I thank them for the various parts different people have played. I have appreciation and gratitude for them all. See here for rest of the story, what actions I took, communication and love experienced, especially for those who have a beloved cat…

Thank you to Care vets Glen Eden for running blood tests and diagnosing Jackie’s kidney problem. Acute renal failure it was.

Thank you to West Coast vets for accurately assessing Jackie’s state and getting her on a drip and giving her meds to get her stabilized and big boost to get back on track. Thank you for the care taken over the couple of days and nights she was looked after by you.

Thank you to all the people I called on to help speed up my gathering of information and ability to get things sorted for Jackie. Sandi for recommendations of naturopaths, advice and assistance throughout, thank you Kylee for vet information and advice assistance and mentioning the West Coast clinic to me. Simon for support and help the day of discovery as well as Thank you to the rest of my Housemates Milan, Anne and Jay who have been very understanding and helpful and assisting wherever they could and helping my emotional wellbeing. Regan for being Jackie’s Dad, coming to aid quickly, helping with some financial matters and discussion for ongoing care. Thank to Stacey for continued support and James for help with holding and keeping Jackie calm for me to administer the first at home fluid under skin followed by Anne, Milan and Tracey.

Thank you to Sarndra at the Orewa Animal Health centre for Naturopathy advice and remedies and understanding of connectivity of all things in this process and health support for follow up care.

Thank you to all the Horticulture centre and staff at Unitec who helped with discussion of toxins and plants especially Ponga. Thanks to Horticulture research Mt Albert and Landcare in advance for helping me determine toxins in ponga and related ferns which had been ingested from cleaning of her fur and in the outside drinking water. Kings plant barn St Lukes too.

Thank you for the healers who sent Reiki and healing energy to Jackie from afar and the influence of that has been noticed and noted. Jackie Segers and Jason Hieb, Angela and Theo! Thank you to you all reading to continue to send best wishes and love and healing energy to Jackie for her continued improvement and cherished life.

Thank you to my beautiful Jackie cat for being so strong, courageous and pulling through this extreme event. And for the connection we share and communication and understanding that goes between the two of us. Thank you to her knowing how deep my love goes for her and knowing that all the things I was doing and wherever I was taking her was for her best interest and best intentions for her life and her health. Honestly I feel like a cat whisperer and do really believe in following my gut and instincts and intuition has proved extremely valuable and intune with her needs and rapid response action. It has taught me many more skills and solidified lessons and synchronicities in play and the overall nature of life and flow and cycle and also the reconfirmation that I am a good Mum and intune with whom I am guardian for and able to help with my instincts, knowledge , love, determination, knowing… to be able to help her with this. The road to recovery is still long as Jackies kidneys need to heal and body and overall health has to improve and she needs to continue to keep eating and drinking and taking the remedies and medicine to get her back to optimal health. Then we need to look at getting her teeth sorted. So if anyone has anymore recommendations and people to see for healing, continued stability on the positive good path forward and also for getting teeth sorted please let me know. I am very grateful for all the help and recommendations I have received and they have been very valuable in piecing together the ultimate action that I knew I needed to incorporate with my understanding, knowledge and intuition to achieve good results in short time. If anyone wants to get help from those I have mentioned or learn more details to help your pet please contact me and I will see what I can do. I can also aid you in communicating with your pet if you need or would like to learn these skills.

It is a good lesson to me and to us all and a key thing that is coming through now is the need to have good, fresh drinking water and keeping up intake of water and keeping hydrated and also making sure everything is eaten/taken, consumed in moderation and with understanding and love as base constant. It really has shown me again how deeply I love. How we all should love, listen, communicate well and understand so that we can help in so many more ways than ever thought possible. I truely believe that the underlying love I have shown and given to Jackie throughout this has been as beneficial as all the treatments she has been given. They all go hand in hand and were all needed in order that Jackie should be able to stay with us here in this life. Love to Jackie from me for further recovery and healing and future good health and happiness. I am looking forward to Sunday for Mothers day and to spend some nice time with Jackie on that day. I have also been working on making her a new 4th leg (she has only had 3 legs for the past 4 years) and so she can learn to walk on 4 again. And be the cool cat with the bionic leg! I hope Jackies health will return to full splendor so that we are able to carry on with the making of it which has been in process, planning and trial for the past few years. Any help you can give and funds to contribute to any of this as well as to help the huge vets bills of late will be greatly appreciated and welcome. Also any support by ordering now of garments and items and gift vouchers for partners or family and friends or for yourself will be very helpful right now. I would love the support of you all for whatever income producing work you can give me such as garments or consultations or help you need from me in inspirational motivating, transformation and expression, being guided by intuition advice, style and Being You strategies and any of the other varied and many skills I have. I am keen to support myself, Jackie and my friends and family better and create a sustainable life and lifestyle. So to you I offer my gifts and skills and talent and expert knowledge and understanding for what it means to be dressing well and dressed to enhance, embrace and celebrate the best of you. Thank you for sharing and being part of my journey and making me part of yours. So see you soon then.



A Bright New Year!

To me this is a year for Expansion and Self Empowerment, Potential, fulfillment, greatness And understanding the need to be, and then being Self Responsible.

This 2012 year I continue to endeavor to Guide and Inspire, Help and Love…to show it is necessary to keep going .. it is your/our way through this interesting pathway of life. I speak and listen to my inner voice with a full and open heart, sometimes I sing, sometimes I dance, sometimes I cry, tho I always know the deeper truth is that we are here to experience and in that the merging of human and divine selves and the greater connection to the creation of life.

I remind myself that Safety exists within me, in my calm centre. Here within me is the creation of the outer reality of which I experience… (I create the reality outside of me to experience)

Here is How all this ties in to me and what I do as my passion, career, journey for myself and for helping others: Life experiences shape who you are, I create clothes that fit your shape or are shaped to fit the expression of who you are, who you want to Be and in turn shape and create your experiences, and these experiences shape your life… cycle of Life and Fashion and You and Me.

My entire body of consciousness is here communicating…spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and I am receiving the messages. This is who I am… I have been asking that question all my life… Who am I, Where do I fit in, What is my background, history, culture, place, importance in this world… Why Be? (Y Be?) Why exist? It is to find the self and connect to the divine presence within us all and hence be connected to each other and to God and eternal existence… the universe… the presence, the now. To persist with my purpose, dreams and desires.

Within that persistence to also have consistent Compassion for self… choose again if need be… choose freedom. Free yourself from any stifling chains…one day I will share the whole version of my YBe song! It has this previous sentence as one of its lines. So… trust all of you, me & all of life.

Make the loving choice to be here now…fully open to receive… What do you want to bring to yourself and others in 2012? What can I create for you to help with your evolution and experiences? 2012… the year that anything is possible!!!


SEPTEMBER SELF- “Self Reflection - Be Your Best Mirror of Your True Self!” 

“Self Reflection - Be Your Best Mirror of Your True Self!” - Jenny Lyn Walker.

A dedication to my Cat Jackie, since the time of losing her leg she has made vast bounds forward, a very capable, smart, focused and determined cat is my beautiful little Jackie cat. Some of you may have met her in  the Gallery or here in my studio. I wrote these words for her but realised also they apply to everyone so felt to share them… see If some of it is reflective of your life, you, you feelings and see how you may be able to apply the thoughts here to your life. I wish you all well and wish only the very best for you all.

Keep doing it, that’s life, you can adapt and adjust, fear not, its just like learning to climb trees again as you have successfully done, I want you to LOVE it like you always used to, enjoy doing everything you want, have done, would do, could do anything. I want you to LOVE and LIVE LIFE. Embrace this new part or different experience as a fun, growing, challenging, living, being opportunity, to understand all things, enjoy all things, love all things, do and BE YOU, BE who you are, what does it matter YOU are different now? YOU are still YOU and YOU are a new YOU and YOU are experiencing new things, new times, new days, new journeys, new everything. That is JOY that is Life that is the Be all and end all of Life – Love, live, enjoy, discover, learn, grow, BE, experience, unreservedly love, BE, YBE? Just Be!. To everybody, everybeing, everypart of this world… Each and every day you get to make your own decisions about who you are, who you want to be, how you want to be, Where you want to Be in this world or without (in this world or on another plane) Whether you really want to be here, really want to experience it. Let’s want to live it. It’s all your choice and all Your life to live, Your decision/ understanding, choice, determine how loving, compassionate, understanding, supportive, helpful, willing to also experience, what LIFE is! Can you just keep on having fun, experiences, joy, love and the ripples of it will just fill the world. Let’s all Be! And Be Who each of us would like to Be. Express Yourself and put your best foot forward whether on one leg or two, you will make your way down, up or along your path and be connected to Your spirit of your inner and present (NOW) and deliver that without (outside) to the world. The world will tell you who You are, until You tell the world!

Everyone is determined, judged on their appearance as it is a mirror or self reflection to all others. ‘Be Your Best Mirror – of Your True Self!” Jenny Lyn Walker.